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carjack logo Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be a Good Samaritan. That must be the conclusion reached by an Albany, Calif., couple this morning after they stopped to check on a motorist who'd just blazed past them, then lost control of his Monte Carlo on the Little River Bridge south of Trinidad, driving his pimp-mobile off the freeway. And what did the nice couple get for their troubles? Dude jacked their Camry!

According to a CHP press release, Daniel Egger, who appears to have a history of such behavior , threatened to harm the couple, then hopped into their Toyota all Grand Theft Auto-style. On his way through McKinleyville, he found trouble in the form of a CHP officer who'd received a call and was lying in wait for his ass. The subsequent chase exceeded 100 mph, according to the release, before Egger opted to take the Giuntoli exit.

While trying to pass cars on the right-hand shoulder, the release states, "The Toyota was disabled...when it struck a road sign." Egger fled on foot but was foiled by "a barrier of brush" -- proof, perhaps, that nature is on the side of good. Egger was booked into the Humboldt County Jail for a good number of charges, including DUI, car jacking, hit and run and resisting arrest.



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