Humboldt Gets Shout-Out at Media Conference



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Joaquin Alvarado of the Institute for Next Generation Internet mentioned Humboldt County in his keynote address to the Integrated Media Association's annual Public Media Conference this morning. The annual conference, which kicked off today in Atlanta, is aimed at managers of public radio and television stations. The theme this year is "An Historic Convergence" -- the "an," in this case, nicely upholding public broadcasting's snobby image.

In the video above -- click the play button, if you haven't already figured that out -- Alvarado describes his amazement at the standing-room-only receptions he has received during his various visits here. Humboldt County may be dirt poor, he concludes, but we know which way the wind is blowing.

Thanks to StreamGuys for the clip and the tip.

UPDATE: Did he say that a third of California's drinking water comes from Humboldt County? Um ...

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