Chronicling the decline



sf chronicle More troubling news in newspaper-land: The San Francisco Chronicle may be at death's door , judging from a memo sent to employees this morning, which reads in part,

Despite all of our best efforts as an organization, The Chronicle continues to show staggering losses each week.

The organization's new plan of attack? Better efforts, including "a significant reduction in force across all areas of our operation," i.e. more layoffs.

If we are unable to accomplish these reductions in the immediate future, Hearst Corporation, which owns The Chronicle, has informed us that it will offer the newspaper for sale or close it altogether.

The 144-year-old Chronicle currently has a news staff of around 275. A Bay Area blog (grumble, grumble) speculates that Hearst could be at least partially bluffing in an attempt to "strong-arm the union."

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