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At its most recent Tuesday meeting, the Board of Supes appointed Eureka attorney Zachary Zwerdling to the board of directors of the Headwaters Fund, the somewhat embattled body that administers a big pot o' cash aimed at local economic development. "As a practicing attorney, I would bring years of legal experience to the Board," Zwerdling wrote in his application. "Being a lawyer requires knowing how to read and evaluate complex documents, weigh evidence on both sides of an issue, consider priorities and plan strategically." Indubitably. We wish Mr. Zwerdling success.

It turns out, though, that the volunteer position drew about 20 aspirants, and we were surprised to see a diverse and worthy crowd represented. In addition to Zwerdling, the following notable names were on the candidacy list: Former Pacific Lumber attorney Frank Bacik; former Northcoast Environmental Center Executive Director Greg King; former Deputy District Attorney Jeff Schwartz; and, last but not least, Eureka kazillionaire Robin P. Arkley II.

What, you say! That's the Rob Arkley, sworn enemy of bureaucracy, launcher of a thousand lawsuits against county government? The very man. In his application, Arkley notes his passion for the economic wellbeing of his hometown, and lists among his accomplishments the successful Economic Fuel! business plan competition that funds eight or so new startups every year. It wasn't enough, apparently.

Applicants were required to provide three character references. Among Arkley's, we note, was Eureka City Manager Dave Tyson, whose relationship to the applicant Arkley described as "Business and Friend." Hard to say which end of that formula will make Tyson sweat more, in the coming months.

Here's the big, bad PDF of all applications for the position (3.9 M). Arkley's starts on page 8.

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