Let the Bitch-Fest Begin!


The surgeons are scrubbed, the scalpels are laid out neatly in a line, and northcoastjournal.com is lain out flat on the operating table, awaiting its facelift. All that is remains is to hear from you, our team of aesthetic consultants.

Do you love northcoastjournal.com? Do you hate it? Do you hate some parts and love others? Are you entirely indifferent? What are your biggest pain points when visiting our home page, the calendar, the Blogthing, or any other sub-area of the great sprawling thing that is our Web site? Give us a wish list. Issue unrealistic demands. Let the discussion be wide open, so long as it has something to do with this site and how it might be improved. Call us nasty names. Call each other nasty names.

And thanks in advance!

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