Cop Arrested On Goodie Duty



This just in from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office: HCSO Correctional Officer Benjamin Jentry-Rakestraw, 20, of Fortuna, was arrested Friday night around 9:30 "as he attempted to bring heroin, tobacco and other contraband into the jail."

He was on duty. On a tip, Sheriff's investigators had been watching him for about a month. They'd secured three search warrants.

Jentry-Rakestraw was booked "for bringing a narcotic controlled substance into a correctional facility, bringing contraband into a correctional facility, possession of a narcotic controlled substance, and possession of marijuana."

Bail was set for $20,000; arraignment is to be held by Wednesday.

Said Sheriff Gary Philp in a news release:

This type of incident is a complete anomaly for us and is frankly a gross violation of trust to us as well as the public we serve and will never be tolerated.

The Sheriff said more arrests are pending, but no more officers are suspects.



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