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This ultra-awesome YouTube video was shot at the Paul McCartney show in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday:

The girl jumping up and down, barely able to contain herself, is 19-year-old Audrey McCombs of Fortuna. McCombs is a guitarist, tuba player, HSU music student, salesperson at Fortuna Music Mart, and -- as evidenced by the video -- possibly amont the top .001 percent of Paul McCartney fans worldwide. Reached at her place of employment a few moments ago, she told the Journal the story behind this clip.

McCombs went to the McCartney concert -- her fourth -- with a plan. During the performance, she held up a sign that read: "Sign my arm so I can get a tattoo!" (She chose the Halifax show, she said, because it was the only stop on Macca's tour with general admission seating, meaning that she'd have a chance to get close enough for him to see it.) Hence the sequence of events seen in this video.

Mission accomplished! McCombs said the people at Skinsignia Tattoo in Eureka have since made the autograph permanent. YouTube stardom hasn't changed her -- she's back at work and will be unpacking her tuba tonight for Fortuna Rodeo Band practice.



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