Cinephile Paradiso



buster keaton For fellow film lovers who, upon discovering the recent closure of Arcata's Video Experience -- supplier of multi-region-code, rare, cult, imported and otherwise snob-pleasing DVDs -- went into a depression darker than Death's robe in The Seventh Seal , don't despair! Your beloved Janus , Tartan and Criterion Collection deluxe edition remastered discs are just moving to Northtown.

La Dolce Video -- that would be, ahem, a Fellini reference -- is set to open this Friday, August 7, at 1540 G Street, former home of Tranquilitea Wellness Center (that would be, ahem, a hippy pun). Word has it that the VX library was sold to an employee, who is apparently betting/hoping that the DVD business won't go the way of the CD industry -- to which I say, "Bravo!"

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