10 commercials



clockwork orange That's what my wife and I were subjected to last night at the Broadway Theatre before a showing of District 9 , beating the previous record (in my personal experience) of seven commercials. That doesn't count the slideshow-style commercials that precede the darkened theater, big-budget Coke and Army ads. The movie start time was listed at 6:40 p.m. I checked my watch right after the Coming Attractions self-promo reel; it was after 7.

The Cinema Advertising Council, a trade organization repping 82 percent of U.S. screens, brags that revenue for theater ads has seen double-digit growth over the last five years, equating to just shy of $540 million in 2007. It really works well, they say, because, "The cinema audience is unique in that it is attentive [and] engaged... ." Hmm, could that be because we're fucking captive ?

Apparently, I'm in the minority for finding this manner of advertising rude if not immoral. Last year, Variety reported that most moviegoers don't mind the ads. Well, I do. And so do the folks at CMPAA , the Captive Motion Picture Audience of America, who suggest ways to fight back. The best one, in my opinion, is contacting the theater companies, which often have a monopoly on local markets. Here's the " Contact Us " page for Coming Attractions Theatres, which owns all the first-run theaters 'round here except the Fortuna.


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