The Ballot-Stuffers Arrive!



Finally! The North Coast Journal's "Best Of Humboldt County" Poll has acquired enough critical mass to bring in the cheaters!

We don't mean to tamp down your enthusiam, but if we catch you at this -- and we will, in all likelihood -- then your secondary and tertiary and centenary votes will be deleted. That means you, O enthusiastic fan of Fortuna Music Mart and The Looking Glass! And you, dedicated devotee of rock band St. John and the Sinners!

Look, we're not frowning upon get-out-the-vote efforts (and the eponymous St. John, son of Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt, would seem to be something of a natural at this) but we're not going to let one person sit and refresh their Web form over and over again. If you want to throw this thing, you're going to have to want it a little more than that! Don't insult our intelligence!

And you, who haven't voted yet? Get to it! Call your boss or guru and have them tell you how to vote! And if you've misplaced his or her cell phone number, you could roll the dice and just do it off the top of your head! Get crazy with this! We won't mind!

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