No Euc-Chop on the 101 Corridor




Kim Floyd with Caltrans confirmed by e-mail this morning that the eucalyptus trees on the west side of the 101 corridor will not be cut . We heard the news from anti-euc-cutting activist Trisha Lee Lotus-- who has a familial connection to that stately row of pungent loveliness -- yesterday evening. She forwarded part of an e-mail from Floyd that said:

On Eureka Arcata we are shifting the highway as to avoid removing any of the eucalyptus trees on the west side of 101.

I've asked Floyd for more info -- will post an update when I get it.

Well, activists, so that battle is done. But the soft-hearted Lotus has issued a new challenge, or so it seems. She writes:

Have you ever taken a walk in the Fay Slough Wildlife Area across from the Eucalyptus Trees? It is lovely out there. This is not recommended during hunting season. To me, it seems so barbaric that in this day and age hunting is still allowed right out back Harper Motor companies in Fay Slough Wildlife Area. No wonder we didn't see any deer; they are smart and probably stay up in safer grounds and hidden where the trees are.


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