Better put in now for time off




A colleague was threading her way through the dredded plaza this afternoon, when a good citizen slipped this little white square of paper into her hand and said, "Be forewarned."

Ominous. Indeed. And as you can see from the little square, somebody thinks there's going to be a real day-wrecker a year from now. A three-state bummer.

Dutifully we went to the Web site , and saw that the fellow behind this prophesy -- "weatherbill" -- is a Cancer, lives in Nashville, works in construction and is additionally occupied as an "Electrician/Minister/watchman/writer/worship leader/evangelist/giver/servant/child sponsor/speaker/teacher/guitarist, all by the grace of God!"

He wasn't the one handing out the warnings today on the Arcata Plaza. Weatherbill's assistant?

Anyway, Weatherbill says you might want to plan to be away from California, Oregon and Washington on the weekends of Sept. 3 and 10.(Save up your furloughs?)

Oh, also, if you're on his Web site, and you decide you want to leave a comment, please do be respectful and not mention any birds in your missive:

Blogger weatherbill said...

all posts with fowl language will be deleted. I don't mind strong opposing opinions, just keep it clean. thanx

September 7, 2009 7:42 PM


OK, that was a cheap shot. But, and now we're serious, we've got just one question about all of this: What about our hedge of protection ?!


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