Hauser Anti-Endorsed



To the Editor:

This letter is written at the request of City of Arcata OE3 Union members. We are extremely disappointed that those of us with the most recent day-to-day work place interactions with Mr. Hauser were not heeded when fellow Union representatives decided to endorse Dan Hauser for Humboldt Bay Harbor District Commissioner.

City of Arcata members of Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 Public Employee Division voted unanimously, with one abstention, AGAINST an endorsement of Mr. Hauser. The Arcata member's lack of support is based on his five year tenure as Arcata's city manager. During the 2002 contract negotiations, OE3 members were told there was no money available for salary increases while management received huge raises. As City Manager Mr. Hauser was also retaliatory and manipulative to the point several OE3 members feared for their jobs. 

City of Arcata OE3 members are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the residents and businesses of Arcata. City of Arcata OE3 members urge the Arcata community not to support Mr. Hauser for Harbor District.


City of Arcata -OE3 Public Employee Division Stewards

Loretta Arbuckle, Dennis Houghton, Scott Lackey, Julie Neander, Dutch Sullivan


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