Dimmick Pays Mateel


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reggae rising The folks at the Dimmick Ranch just announced that they now hold the rights to the Reggae Rising festival free and clear:

The Dimmick Ranch, LLC is pleased to announce that Tom Dimmick made the final payment of $50,000 to the Mateel Community Center prior to its due date of September 30th. This payment fulfills in full the negotiated settlement of $500,000. In March of this year the DRLLC purchased the [Reggae Rising] festival, and its liabilities, and is glad to have met this important milestone. ...

The ongoing banking crisis resulted in this year's festival being about 30 percent undercapitalized, but the profitable financial performance of 2009 has made it possible to access the additional financing necessary to carry the festival into 2010 and beyond. The DRLLC would like to thank all of the staff, volunteers, contractors, and sponsors for all of their hard work and support. We are gearing up to make 2010 the best ever.



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