Yet Another Pot Home Invasion


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That's what it looks like so far, according to the news release from Humboldt County Sheriff's Lieutenant George Cavinta.

This time in Garberville. A man, Chris Collins, 56, bloodied by blunt-force trauma to the head, likely by a couple of louts driving a green Chevy truck who barged into his trailer home, likely going after his medicine.

Here's the news release:



SUBJECT: Victim hospitalized after Home Invasion FROM: Lt. George Cavinta

DATE/TIME RECEIVED: 10-6-09 4:00 p.m. CASE # 200906691

On 10-6-09 at about 4:00 p.m. a Sheriff's Deputy working the Garberville area was dispatched to the Garberville Motel to handle a reported man walking with a shotgun. The male was described as wearing a white t-shirt and camouflage pants.

The Deputy arrived in the area and located the possible suspect in the 900 block of Knights Lane. The subject, later identified Christopher Dalzin (21). Dalzin was carrying a shotgun and a rifle at the time he was contacted by the Deputy. Both weapons were loaded with live ammunition.

While the Deputy was detaining Dalzin, a female witness in the trailer park informed the Deputy that she had discovered a possible assault victim in a neighboring trailer house. She described the male victim as being covered with blood and speaking incoherently. The Deputy checked the victim's condition and immediately requested an ambulance. The victim was later identified as Chris Collins (56). Collins was transported to Gerald Phelps Hospital for treatment of his head injury. At that time, emergency responders were unable to determine if the victim had been shot or sustained a blunt force trauma about the head. Due to his serious condition, Collins was transported to St, Joseph's Hospital in Eureka where further medical evaluations determined that the victim sustained blunt force trauma to the head.

Sheriff Investigators responded to the area and processed the scene with the assistance of two Eureka Police Investigators.

Sheriff Investigators learned that a vehicle was seen speeding from the scene during the time of the incident. The vehicle was described as a dark green Chevrolet extra cab truck in good condition with tinted windows. Two males possibly associated with the vehicle are described as vehicle occupant #1, white male adult 18-21 years of age wearing a black shirt, vehicle occupant #2, male passenger known as "CJ" or "Joe", white male adult, 18-21 years old, 5"7", 150 lbs, light hair color wearing a camouflage hat.

Once Investigators were able to interview the victim, they learned the following: Collins reported that he was seated in his trailer house when the two described males entered his trailer without permission. Collins was immediately struck with an unknown object about the head. The victim lost conciseness and later awoke in a local hospital. Collins told investigators that subjects were most likely after his medical marijuana.

Sheriff Investigators were unable to determine the amount, if any, of the victim's marijuana had been taken by the suspects.

After further interviews, it was determined that Dalzin had only armed himself after discovering that his friend, Collins had been assaulted. Dalzin later claimed that he was attempting to locate the involved suspects.

Dalzin was later released from custody without any pending criminal charges.

The victim has since been released from hospital.

The Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's assistance in identifying and locating the listed green, Chevrolet truck and the two male suspects. Anyone with information is requested to call Detective Sergeant Wayne Hanson at 268-3639.





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