SN Indemnifies City



As an update to this week's "Town Dandy" column: It turns out that Security National has recently -- perhaps very recently -- promised to pay any legal costs that could arise out of lawsuits stemming from the final Marina Center Environmental Impact Report, which the city is set to consider sometime in the very near future.

Councilmember Larry Glass just heard about the indemnification agreement today. When I spoke with Councilmember Frank Jager earlier this morning, he had heard nothing about it at all.

It is to be presumed that indemnification will smooth the EIR certification process considerably. Councilmembers who may have been leaning toward Marina Center anyway now have no reason to fear that such a vote might come back to bite.

Reminder: The city is hosting a town hall-style thing on Marina Center tonight, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Eureka City Council Chambers. That's 531 K St.

UPDATE: See City Councilmember Jeff Leonard's comment on the column here.


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