Dan Savage on 'Pot City'


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Dan Savage on 'Pot City': Savage, managing editor and sex columnist extraordinaire for Seattle independent weekly the Stranger weighs in on A&E's profile of Arcata, or, more specifically, its narrator, whom he honors with the title, "Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack of the Day." (Oh snap! He owned you, Vieira!) He goes on to assert, "the only way to end illegal grow-ops is to allow legal ones" -- a perspective notably absent in the Arts and Entertainment programme. Check the comments string, too. Some choice nugs: #4: "If [Arcata] is what a den of iniquity looks like, I say let's grow weed in 20 percent of homes in every town. ... We would move there tomorrow if there were any jobs... ." #15: "I only wish I'd seen this program before coming here. ... I can't begin to relate to you the undercurrent of aggro attitude in the community." # 17 responds with this lukewarm endorsement: "[Arcata] is an incredibly pleasant town, if a bit boring sometimes." Do I hear a new Chamber of Commerce



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