Election Final Report




Election Nov. 3, 2009 "Unofficial" Final Report

Total Ballots Cast            15,359        21.4%

Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conservation District Division Three Commissioner

Mike Wilson          2,680          71.8%

Dan Hauser          1,023          27.4%

Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conservation District Division Four Commissioner

Richard Marks          1,268          47.2%

John Ash          957          35.6%

Susan Penn          447          16.6%

Northern Humboldt Union High School Governing Board Member

Sarie Toste          4,157          29.1%

Mike Pigg          4,004          28.0%

Dana Silvernale          3,239          22.7%

Dan J. Johnson          2,797          19.6%

All other results here.

A question: If these are in fact the "final results," why does it seem that not all precincts have reported. For example, results for the Division Three race say, " Completed Precincts: 15 of 20." Is that what makes them unofficial? Why call them "final"?

Can anyone explain?

Update: James Faulk attempts an explanation in a piece in Thursday's T.S.

Only one issue came up with the new gear, said [ Humboldt County Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich] . On some of the election tallies posted to the Web Tuesday night, it appeared as if all of the precincts hadn't reported, she said. What actually happened, she said, was that the system was listing vote-by-mail precincts as it would a normal precinct. So while those votes were counted and included in the night's totals, the results showed that some precincts had yet to report.

I guess that means there are not really 20 precincts in Dist. 3. Right?

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