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UPDATE: As Robo-noted below, the Facebook movement is up to 43 members and counting!

As one marijuana grow-hard drags Arcata Eye Editor Kevin Hoover into court , another has taken to the 'Net in an effort to shut down the "propaganda rag," which any self-respecting member of "our local culture" will tell you is merely a mouthpiece for the slanted ravings of a government snitch. (Hoover, a serial trespasser, single-handedly brought in cable news giant A&E to uncover our secret, underground economy.)

A Mr. Jason Robo, who previously had his freedoms threatened by the illegitimate slave masters (and some fellow students) at HSU, is now inviting righteous citizens to "Join the Resistance" against the "canna-nazi" [?] periodical. His plan is to distribute informational fliers and institute a boycott of businesses that advertise in the Eye , thereby purging this scourge from our midst and clearing the way for amateur electricians across the city to make their livings in peace.

So far, Robo has enlisted four soldiers in his war, counting himself. There's Robo, this guy,

Tommy Smiley who goes by the name Tommy Smiley, and two others: Eye photographer/contributor/Advertising Manager Terrence McNally and Hoover himself. Power to the people, y'all.

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