NPR Part 2: 'The Green Rush'


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Here's part two of NPR's story on the Humboldt grow scene. (Part one here.)

Some highlights:

  • California narcotics agent Jack Nelson gives a racial breakdown of grow styles ("White-boy grows" -- small and high quality; Hispanics grows -- cornfield-sized on private land; Asian grows -- steep land in National Forests).

  • Humboldt County Sheriff Department Sgt. Wayne Hanson says nationwide legalization "would take away the wealth and the greed and the violence" while partial legalization would just bring in the greedy "riffraff."

  • DA Paul Gallegos re-asserts his weed priorities: "If you're growing for yourself, really, you know, that's against the law, but why am I interested in that?"

  • And Humboldt County Sheriff Gary Philp comes close to admitting that law enforcement efforts have little to no effect on the overall grow scene.


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