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Because what could be better than a piece of Absynth? Quintet, that is.

Would you like to give a friend a slot as the sixth member of Humboldt's renowned* gypsy-jazz-string-happy Absynth Quintet? Or have the erstwhile male models** follow them about for part of a day a la Jonathan Richman in Something About Mary? Or have the fivesome cook you and your special other dinner while wearing nothing -- if you're really brave and dedicated to the cause -- nothing but aprons and chaps?***

All of this can be yours via the exciting new concept of audience-owned album creation -- Kickstarter! Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.

But wait! That's not all! You also get -- for yourself or the gift receipient -- at the very least, a digital download of the new AQ album you helped to create! And for a mere $25, you'll get a signed copy (future eBay riches!) and an official AQ T-shirt.

Remember, nothing says Happy Holidays like becoming a creative partner in a very fine musical project! Share the spirits -- and the proprietary**** rights -- of the Absynth Quintet!

*High Times Unsigned Band of the Month


*** I made up the "aprons and chaps" part.

**** As defined in the third definition at the Merriam-Webster website.


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