Not In Wyoming You Don't, Sonny



A Wyoming newspaper reports that one of our own knuckleheads escaped Fortuna and was found galavanting on a CLOSED Wyoming highway in the wee hours of Christmas morning with five pounds of pot in his buggy.

According to the report, Wyoming CHP -- out looking for a missing motorist -- stopped the car driven by Jared L. Frisinger because, you know, the road was closed and, also, he was obviously not a local boy:

... the trooper noticed out-of-state license plates, "which meant it was not a local resident coming to town." [said Patrol Sgt. Steve Townsend in a news release]

According to the release, Frisinger, 28, handed over a joint after the trooper said he was gonna let his drug dog have a sniff around. The dog nosed right in on the wrapped Christmas presents in the back seat, which contained pot. Our boy was booked "on suspicion of felony marijuana sales or delivery and misdemeanor traveling on a closed road," says the paper. He went to court Monday, where bond was set for $10,000.

The newspaper ends the piece with a plug for Humboldt:

Jail records indicated Frisinger is from Fortuna, Calif., which is in Humboldt County, known for its marijuana cultivation in the rugged terrain near the state's northern coastline.


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