The Movies to Close




As 2009 becomes history Thursday night, so will one of Humboldt County's movie venues. The Movies at the Bayshore Mall will close its doors permanently when its lease expires at the end of the year.

"Honestly, it's high time," General Manager Anibal Polanco said Tuesday afternoon. Attendance had dwindled in recent years to a measly trickle as the mall theater became a dumping ground for second-run films. Still, it's kinda sad to see the place come to such a piteous end. I recall watching the Shelly Long vehicle Troop Beverly Hills there when I was in seventh grade. OK, that particular film may not be worthy of whimsy, but the mall is also where I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, Titanic and Out of Sight .

The staff will be transferred down the street to the Broadway Cinema, Polanco said. If you'd like one last mall-movie hurrah, I suggest you go to a closing day showing of Fantastic Mr. Fox or Brothers. Then again, the disaster-bonanza of 2012 might be a more fitting end.

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