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The event was rescheduled due to quake, new date Friday, Janaury 22, at 6p.m.

If you've been reading the Journal and this blog for the last few weeks, you know we had correspondents covering COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 and the associated accord and discord. Two of those correspondents, David Simpson and Jane Lapiner will be talking about their experience in Denmark [next Friday night]. Here's the note we got from David:

Please join us at the Arcata Playhouse for a discussion and stories about events in Copenhagen in December with Jane Lapiner and David Simpson. The couple from Petrolia attended the two week long Conference of the Parties 15 (COP 15), as the United Nations climate summit was called. One hundred and ninety three countries and Humboldt County were represented. At one point, 120 Heads of State were in attendance.

Slides will punctuate the narrative and discussion with scenes from the event and the surrounding city. From the light-weight observational and anecdotal (Mexico had the meanest looking security people. Canada was the country most often roasted by environmentalists freeing America to be even more arrogant) to the historically profound, sort of, (America, China and a few other powers were dividing up the remaining atmospheric space for CO2 very much like the European powers divided up Africa in the Nineteenth Century.)

There will be a mildly bloody dissection of the Copenhagen Accord and its implications, or lack of them, for the future. Lapiner and Simpson will provide hopefully trenchant observation, dead serious analysis and a few laughs in hopes that the audience will throw in with their share of perspective and opinion. The evening will close with a discussion of what those of us intent on our children's and grandchildren's survival might now be doing in response to climate change. 

David Simpson and Jane Lapiner are homesteaders in the Mattole Valley who have been involved with environment and the arts in Humboldt since 1970. They are the principals of Human Nature, a theater company that tours shows about crucial environmental and social issues throughout the US and beyond. Their recent comedy review, What's Funny About Climate Change toured from 2002 through 2005. A new comedy show about climate change, Two Old BIrds or Tripping on the Tipping Point, is in preparation for early spring performance.

Concessions will be available. 

Donations to cover expenses will be welcome but are not required.



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