Ettersburg 2.0



Remember land lines? You know a place is tiny when it doesn't even show up on Google maps . Residents of Ettersburg and other itty-bitty SoHum towns, like Whitehorn and Honeydew, were starting to wonder last year if they were also invisible to Verizon, their land-line phone service provider. It took a community uprising over dismal service (and customer service) last fall for the phone company to promise these backwoodsers a full network upgrade, starting in the first quarter of 2010 (even though Verizon never admitted there was a problem).

Well, we're not even through January yet, and Verizon has finished the job! Company spokesman Jon Davies today told the Journal via e-mail that the upgrades are complete. Verizon will be hosting a community meeting next week in Garberville to explain what-all they did and answer any questions the community may have.

Letters were reportedly sent to all the customers in the area, but if by some random chance you a) missed the letter, b) live in one of those micro-burbs, and c) happened to stumble across this here blog post, the pertinent information is as follows:

What: Verizon's phones-is-fixed meeting
Where: VFW Hall, 483 Congers St., Garberville
When: 5 p.m., Wednesday Jan. 27


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