Eureka, Haiti Victims of 'Earthquake Weapon'?



Hugo Chavez The U.S. government can't reduce the deficit or pass health care reform, but when it comes to weaponry, you better recognize! Within reason, that is: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez apparently believes that Eureka's 6.5 temblor and Haiti's devastating 7.0 quake were caused by a top-secret Pentagon shockwave weapon -- a sort of disaster-blaster that can also cause floods, droughts and hurricanes, according to a press release from el presidente's state media outlet .

Venezuela's Big Poppa has evidently bought into conspiracy theories surrounding the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), an atmospheric research facility in Alaska.

Chavez has said that our government's ultimate goal is to wipe out Iran with our massive God Gun. Left unexplained: why Uncle Sam pointed the thing at the North Coast.

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