Neely and the Coming Craziness



Holy moly, but does the black ops PR firm known as the Humboldt Mirror ever have a smoking hot story this morning. We would only add that the $10,000 donation from a SoCal developer to the Bonnie Neely for Supervisor campaign seems to have come not from the developer himself, but the developer's corporation -- a triple-touchy matter, obviously.

Of all the insane political races we're going to see this year, the race for Fourth District Supervisor will likely be the insanest. There's going be a strong get-Neely contingent both locally and statewide, owing to her position on the California Coastal Commission and opposition to the Marina Center project. For all intents and purposes, it's going to be a statewide election played out on our turf.

What today's tidbit shows is that Neely can play at that level too. God help us all.


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