Google to the Broadband Rescue?



Today on the official Google blog , the company announced plans "to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States." Two obvious questions:

1) How fast is "ultra high-speed"?

2) How many babies must we sacrifice to participate?

Google says their network will deliver speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans currently experience -- over a gigabit per second. That's fast enough to download a high-definition, full-length movie in less than five minutes or stream live video in 3-D.

Can we be their guinea pigs (oh please oh please)? Maybe. Google is seeking feedback from interested state, county and city officials before deciding where to test these fiber-to-home connections. They'll even allow plebes like us to have a say .

We don't know what the company's criteria might be, but the survey linked above encourages the submission of YouTube videos and other creative doodads. I don't need to remind you of our local fiber woes . If you want to get aboard the Google speed train, spread the word.


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