Durant to Leave T-S, Launch New Mag



Chris Durant Chris Durant, longtime Times-Standard reporter/onetime " Fat Guy "/all-time eathquake juker , has informed the Journal (in a World Exlusive!) that he will soon leave the trusty daily to create a "scene zine with a tongue-in-cheek view on local issues."

(Disclosure: I used to work with him at the T-S.)

Savage Henry -- named after a briefly mentioned character in Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas -- will be published monthly, with regular updates on its Web site , Durant said. The focus of the publication, which will be run by Durant, his wife Monica, and former T-S entertainment freelancers Sarah Godlin and Josh Duke, will be on music and other forms of entertainment -- sorta like Northern Lights (the T-S's erstwhile entertainment section, which Durant used to edit), only warranting a "parental advisory," Durant said.

"Our first cover story is [on] the opening of the Eureka Skate Park," he announced. The format of the magazine will be 8 1/2 by 11, with glossy covers and newsprint inside, and it will likely be distributed at skate shops, head shops and bars, he added. The first issue, he said, should hit the streets no later than early March.

Durant admitted that starting a print publication nowadays might be considered "one of the dumbest sounding business decisions ever," but he said that the positive response he's received from advertisers and the community at large convinced him to jump the T-S ship and pursue the magazine full-time.

Oh, and here's a heads-up to Heraldo and the Mirror : Durant plans to put a bounty on the identities of anonymous bloggers. The Savage Henry Web site will allow people to donate money and submit information on blogger identities. The person who successfylly and accurately outs an anon-o-blogger (the veracity of the info will be subject to as-yet-undetermined criteria) wins the reward.

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