Interesting thread on the website, a collection of forums on topics including General Marijuana Growing, Seed and Strain Reviews and Cooking With Cannabis.

Someone calling himself "KongoBam" posts in a forum called "Toke N Talk," although it would seem another forum, "The Black Briefcase" (business discussion, stock advice, financial management) might have been more appropriate.

Subject line: "Humboldt?"

KongoBam asks,

Does anyone in this forum live in Humboldt County? Specifically Eureka?

I need an investor slash partner...

Contact me, i own two houses...

He goes on to note:

I probably should have mentioned, that its LEGAL!! I have a card thru the Federal Government. I have a Medical center here locally were i can sell to with no problems. It's just like running and starting any other business. I need capitol or equipment....

Others on the forum are by turn incredulous:

d.s.m. says,

A Federal Government card, really?

Eat a dick, weirdo.

And protective:

WOW! calm down dood. look man this is not the place to be lookin fer a "partner" u should post an add on craigslist or sumthin but NO, unless u want to do sum reading about the topic and learn how to grow urself, i would reccomend just exiting. im not 100% positive, but THIS doesnt seem like it would be cool with the MODs. am i right or wrong on that tho?? - says FuZZyBUDz

KongoBam's responds:

There are some paranoid people in this forum.. I guess i will just delete the post.

But d.s.m. is not letting go:

Before you do, I'd really like to hear more about your Federal Government pot card. Pretty please?

So KongoBam lays out the plan:

Sure... first you have to make business legal one name it whatever you want.

Im using a corp i made it's called Sequoia Investors Inc. We will get back to this part later.

You need to get a hold of the state you live in and ask them to give you a list of FEDERALLY funded marijuana centers in your state. Federally funded centers are the ones that hospitals use for prescription as well as private practices.

Next step is to contact the federal governemtn and ask them to send you the paperwork needed to become a provider for a faderally owned marijuana center in your state. It's going to to cost you about 1,500 for the lisence every year.

They will send you a packet with tons of questions. They do background checks ect... you need to be completely clean. You need to have a small businesss or corporation that you are using to produce the medicine. ( THEY DO THIS SO THEY CAN TAX YOU) . In general your self employed and have to go thru the same hoops you would as if you were starting a commercial lettuce farm or what not.

Once all the paperwork is done and your business is legal in your state and federally, you then can start growing. There is a 500 plant limit if your business is in a residential property and there is no limit on commercial. They send you packages that are federally marked and they expect them to be full and present at the center when they are designated to arrive at. There is a loop hole though, you can say you need 10 packages and that you are going to have them delivered on so and so date. How they regulate how much you grow is if your residential or commercial. I would be residential so mi can up to 500 plants. I can say i only got 5lbs from 500 plants and really i got 10 so you can see the loop hole.

They pay you anywhere from 2500 to 4,000 a lb. then you are taxed on what they give you. So you lose half. but between the clones and the hidden lbs you make out good and are completely legal.

if you want i can get the info were i got the info. I live in Ca maybe its different in other states but here thats how it works. Its a 6 month process to get everything done. Also equipment is expensive as you allready know. I spent 4k on forming a corp and lisencing fees.


So what is it? Pure fantasy or a rock solid business plan from an enterprising entrepreneur?

KongoBam of Sequoia Investors Inc., if you're out there and for real, give us a ring.


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