A-town Anti-Prom



Fun flash! (Emphasis ours):

The Arcata Costume Prom is a high school age dance put on by local Arcata teenagers who found the proms instituted by their schools to be lacking in style and not serving the whole student population.

The Costume Prom was created to fulfill many dance styles and musical taste from Jazz & Swing to Punk Rock and Electronica, provide quality good tasting party food (omnivore, vegan and vegetarian), showcase live entertainment and create a lively party through re-designed prom activities. Costumes are encouraged but not required. In short, it's reinstating the high-class prom described by their parents and grandparents. 

All high school students – public, private, charter, homeschooled – welcome.

Who would've thunk a high school dance could sound so fun? Go, local Arcata teenagers!

Being teenagers, they are on a miniscule budget. Café Nooner has advanced them the money for the venue and they have received donations for food from several local businesses, for which they are thankful, but are relying on ticket sales to cover the actual cash expenses.

(In other words, buy tickets – now!)

Tickets are $15 presale at The Works (both locations), AMPT skateshop in Arcata, and Café Nooner in Eureka. Price is somewhat negotiable.

The event takes place Saturday, Feb. 27 from 8 p.m. to midnight at The Creamery in Arcata, 1251 Ninth Street, in the Redwood Raks World Dance Studio. This is an alcohol/drug free event – but will have a $1 photo booth!

For more information, see the Costume Prom page on Facebook, e-mail them directly at arcataantiprom@gmail.com, or call 707-442-9386 for the parent advisor, Dimitra Chase.


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