Did You Suffer An Overdose?


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In this week's Journal we write about the absconding of Dr. Fran Day from her medical practice in Eureka. She left without giving proper written notice to all of her patients and, apparently, she took their medical records with her.

While it may or may not be related to her disappearance, Dr. Day has been the subject of a couple of criminal complaints in recent months, one of which is still in play in Humboldt County Superior Court. The charges in that case allege Day impeded three ambulance workers as they attempted to take a patient to the hospital.

Meantime, the District Attorney's office is interested in speaking with former patients of Dr. Day's who were prescribed drugs and suffered overdoses, said Deputy D.A. Ben Mainzer this morning. Mainzer asks that such patients contact D.A. Investigator Jack Bernstein at the D.A.'s office, 445-7411.




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