Free Film Rumors Roil Humboldt County



We've been getting a lot of chatter over the transom today, and it all centers around an alleged free showing of the acclaimed documentary Food, Inc. next Friday night at the Arcata Community Center. As we walked down to the taco trunk for lunch, news of this event was on everyone's lips. Could it be, as some suggested, that this so-called free screening would be held in conjunction with the annual Plan It Green Conference , scheduled for the Community Center the same weekend? Could the government somehow be involved?

One thing's for sure -- whether true or false, the word-of-mouth whisper campaign behind this rumor is shockingly effective.

Unfortunately, the Journal could find no one to either confirm or deny. However, a super-secret source did bring in this wadded-up flyer that was purportedly found inside a dumpster somewhere near the 500 block of I Street, Eureka. We present it here; you may draw your own conclusions.


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