Pot o' Green Gold


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Where do the arguments for and against legalization peacefully cohabit? Why, in the morally phlegmatic realm of Internet capitalism, of course. Step right up!

Are you a grower concerned about your children's future (and those monthly Escalade payments)? Buy a bumper sticker:


Are you a socially permissive budget hound (or utopian hippy)? Buy a bumper sticker:


Are you a chef hoping to market your delicious pot brownies legally? Apron time:

Pot apron

Are you an uncommonly principled Schnauzer? Boom:

Pot Schnauzer

Some industrious soul going by the nom de avatar LegalizePot has launched a customized product line  -- catering to both sides of this historic argument -- over on Zazzle.com. From key chains to T-shirts to buttons, trucker caps, mugs...even canvas shopping bags (or is that hemp?) you can now announce your unsolicited opinion to the world. (Credit card required.)


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