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Kathy Srabian makes an excellent point vis a vis the Marina Center in the Humboldt Herald this morning: Home Depot, the chain that is supposed to anchor the development, is in a state of contraction, not expansion."The 'Marina Center has become synonymous with 'Home Depot,'" Srabian writes, after laying out a raft of research that will give anyone pause. "But do you really think Home Depot is coming here? Convince me with something other than a 2006 North Coast Journal or a pastel picture from the Marina Center website."

The coming issue of the North Coast Journal will include an interview with Security National's Randy Gans, in which Gans reiterates that Home Depot is still slated to occupy the big-box store that is planned on the site. But that position does seem to be at odds with the data that Srabian has collected. And it's worth noting that nothing in the permitting process that Security National is currently undertaking with the city of Eureka and the California Coastal Commission specifies or promises a Home Depot; so far as the permits are concerned, Security National is simply asking to build a big box-sized store.

Meanwhile, the Humboldt Mirror notes, in typically astonished and/or enraged fashion, that Supervisor Bonnie Neely will be holding a pricy fundraiser out in Sacramento tomorrow. As we've said before, this year's Fourth District Supervisor race is in large part a statewide election played out on local turf, given Neely's chairmanship of the California Coastal Commission, and so far Neely has raised a substantial amount of money from outside the county.

The Mirror faults Neely for not abiding by the stricken-down campaign finance reform initiative known as Measure T, which the Mirror itself opposed.

UPDATE: Fred Mangels, another Measure T opponent, is also astonished and/or enraged.

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