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The Anderson Valley Advertiser's Tim Stelloh sends along a promotional video from a Willits crew attempting to compensate for their substandard Mendo product by serving up a healthy dose of cheesecake.

You're trying too hard, guys! (Side note: Stelloh follows up last fall's epic tale of dope, guns and Republican blood lust in the coming issue of the Journal .)

Meanwhile, in Hawaii: A Honolulu television station reports on the rise of a "synthetic marijuana" product called "spice." We were amazed that our island cousins, with such a formidable reputation as connoisseurs of the herb, would stoop to smoking such tripe. So we pinged our Oahu-based marijuana correspondent.

Emily Hobelmann: shut the fuck up. my neighbor was just smoking a spice joint the other night
hanksims What is it?
hanksims Sounds fucking ghastly.
Emily Hobelmann: it's fucking old news. It's some sort of herbal shit that barely resembles weed. It is ghastly
hanksims: Do they have it in Cali?
Emily Hobelmann: i'm not sure if it's called spice, but yeah, there's shit like that in cali for all the POSERS
hanksims  Excellent.
Emily Hobelmann: yeah, i'm surprised you don't have a big bag at home yourself

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