Humboldt Ranks in [Fake] Google Fiber Poll



UPDATE: Thanks to cyber-savvy reader Josh Mohland for pointing out this "Mega Challenge" site is a fugazi. In non-scamming circles, the deadline for responses to Google's fiber bonanza has passed.

Google's "Mega Challenge for selected U.S. communities to battle for the title of Most Deserving City for Google fiber" -- a nationwide contest in which the winning town will be blessed with heretofore un-heard-of speeds in Internet broadband -- started yesterday, with Asheville, NC, taking an early lead. The good news for us: After not even ranking as a "selected U.S. community" at the outset, Humboldt County garnered enough write-in votes during Day One to be officially added to the poll options -- one of just five communities to achieve that goal.

But if we're aiming for a win, we've got our work cut out for us, people. Vote early and often.


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