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The North Coast Journal's new Internet home has arrived! Peek around, poke around, and file any complaints in the comments. There's bound to be some dusty corners of this thing that still need sprucing up.

This is a top-down and head-to-toe revision of our most recent site, which was circa 2007. The first thing you'll notice is the superclean and way more modern design, with bigger typefaces and 10 times the overall readability. All credit here is due to the marvelous Topaz Design shop in Portland, Ore., and the codin' CSS freaks at Slice 'n' Dice, who implemented Ms. Topaz's vision.

But there's more, so much more. First: This is hosted on speedy new servers which will never groan under the weight you've been throwing at them lately. Also: The thing is cached out the wazoo, so you should be getting lightning-quick page loads pretty much throughout.

Again: Not everything shows up where it used to, so it might take some mental adjusting. Any problems or complaints, post them here and we'll either set you straight or put your suggestion on our to-do list.


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