Last Picture Show




Damn these times. We just got word from McKinleyville Middle School's Fine Arts teacher, Ken Weiderman, that the art program -- and his position -- will likely be cut because of what he calls "unprecedented funding cuts (thanks to the state's financial mess)."

The Music program might also be cut, he said.

And so, said Weiderman, who's the only certified art teacher in the district, an upcoming art show by his students may very well be the last. (The school's band will perform at the show, as well.) There'll be displays of ceramics, drawings and paintings. But the coolest work might be the "House Project," in which pairs of students each built a "city block reflecting their own personalities and interests."

Says Weiderman:

What can we look forward to when school no longer offers a creative outlet that many students crave? How are we preparing the leaders of tomorrow to design creative solutions to problems that haven't even surfaced yet?

View the work and discuss those questions at the show: 6 to 8 pm on May 21 at the McKinleyville Shopping Center, in the shop space next to Plaza Design.


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