Humboldt Politics: Not So Bad, Comparatively Speaking



Tonight's episode of The Best Show on WFMU turned me on to the eyeball-popping horror of Alabama politics. Little did I know -- it seems that there's a whole Internet subculture devoted to collecting election ads from America's most troubled state.

Let's take a tour around Alabama's 2010 political season. Here's the ultimate attack ad against a candidate for governor: He wants to teach evolution in the public schools!

This gunslinging candidate for Agriculture Commissioner sounds the alarm about the criminal elements and illegal immigrants out to spend agriculture funding on "whatever they want." They don't give a rip about Alabama!

Everyone knows Barack Obama is a terrorist who hates America. What to do? Elect this guy -- the liberals can't call him a racist!

Our elections get pretty grim near the end. If, in the next seven days, you find yourself despairing at the mud and the stupidity and the hate, take heart: We're a long way from Alabama.

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