Reacting to the First Results




Bonnie Neely reads the first election results at Brick & Fire, Eureka. Photo by Heidi Walters

"It's still early. I'm still in the race." -- Patrick Cleary.

"This is my first time, but it's good to be ahead." -- Ryan Sundberg

"Ooh -- Downey's taken a lead." -- Mike Hislop, reading the results

"It's still early. We've got a way to go, folks." -- Mike Hislop, moments later.


Loud cheers reported at Sundberg HQ and at the Elks Lodge, host to Jackson and Downey, as the first results came in. Considerably more downbeat scenes at the Hagen, Hislop parties.


 At Brick and Fire, the new restaurant on F, a cozy warm looking place with a cook in white kerchief/ hat pulling pizzas out of big oven. Drizzling rain outside. Crowd picking up inside. Josh Draydon, owner if World Cup, is here relaxing after volunteering all day and past couple weeks for Bonnie. He held several meet and greets at the cup for diff candidates (Brooks, Neely, Leonard). He says: "I really respect Bonnie's trying to find middle class jobs for the area as opposed to minimum wage jobs." Jim Test here: "She's worked really hard, for decades. She has good experience and good knowledge. Look at the Board now, there are two new people, and will be one more new person in the 5th. So we really need someone with experience." Also here: Connie Stewart, Clif Clendenen, Andy Bird... 

-- Heidi Walters


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