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The City of Fortuna likes to say, in official missives, that it frowns upon fiscal irresponsibility and teetering budgets at all times, not just dark times. It likes to be Sunny, yes, but also fit. Lean and Friendly.

And so, for the City's 2010-2011 budget, City management is proposing some belt-tightening it attributes as much to a quest for efficiency as a means to endure, say, any current financial duress: eliminating four full-time positions, some occupied by long-time employees, and not filling vacant positions, according to a news release sent out today by Assistant City Manager Cheryl Nicholson. It notes:

"These changes are expected to save the City over $160,000 annually."

The full-time positions to be chucked: Public Works Technician, Solid Waste/Stormwater Compliance Coordinator, one of the two full-time Senior Bus drivers, and the Office Supervisor in the Finance Department (the position will be cut after the current supervisor retires in November, says the release).

One of the vacant positions not to be filled: Administrative Assistant in the Community Development Department.

The release notes that a drop in Senior Bus ridership justifies eliminating one of the full-time drivers, adding that part-timers can be brought in when needed.

City Manager Duane Rigge didn't find it easy to make these cut decisions, says the release.

"However, it is the City's obligation to maintain the public trust by continuing to examine the City's entire work force and the services provided by the City and making changes that are necessary and prudent."

There's a budget workshop June 28 at City Hall, 6 p.m.. The proposed may then go before the City Council July 6.



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