Pro-Marina Center Forces Gear Up for Ballot Measure Fight



Chris Crawford, local conservative politico, sent out a call-to-arms yesterday afternoon, rallying people to organize in support of Measure N, the Eureka city initiative on the November ballot that would change the zoning of the long-vacant Balloon Track property adjacent to Old Town. The zoning change would be a key step forward for the big box-anchored Marina Center development that Eureka kazillionaire Rob Arkley's Security National Corp. would like to build on the site.

The first organizing meeting for the pro-N campaign, according to Crawford, is set to take place at the Arkley Center for the Performing arts on Saturday, Aug. 7.

As reported last week, Humboldt Baykeeper and the Environmental Protection Information Center have filed a lawsuit against the city of Eureka for placing the measure on the ballot. The two groups charge that the Marina Center's environmental impact report is flawed -- or at least under judicial contention -- and that therefore the city violated state law in putting the matter before voters.

Crawford's e-mail to supporters -- originally cc'd to Security National's Kyla Tripodi, among others -- is pasted below.

From:  [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 2:21 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]

To all (by blind copy) ... if this is not of interest to you, please delete and forgive the intrusion.

I am chairing the YES on Measure N campaign, which is a necessary first step to bring the Marina Center to the blighted, contaminated Balloon Track property in Eureka. We are in need of volunteers to walk precincts, phone bank and perform other campaign tasks.

Our first event is SATURDAY, Aug 7 from 10am-noon at the Arkley Performing Arts Center at 4th and G in Eureka. Refreshments will be served at 9:30am and the rest of the time is devoted to volunteer orientation to provide background about the campaign and Marina Center project.

Please help us by volunteering or passing this along to family, neighbors and friends who you think will help. This is a major turning point in our community ... this is your chance to have your voice heard and join a winning campaign. Please pass along your name, contact info and email to me and Kyla Tripodi ASAP (her email is above, so reply all).

Listed below are the many reasons I support Measure N and the Marina Center. Thanks for your consideration !!

Chris Crawford, Chair
The People for Marina Center, YES on Measure N Committee
My home phone is [REDACTED]


The Marina Center is a mixed-use retail, residential, office and light industrial development that will be located on the abandoned Union Pacific Railroad property called the Balloon Track. Located near Eureka's historic downtown, the Marina Center would provide a variety of amenities including 11 acres of restored wetlands, safe hiking & biking trails, numerous dining choices, a new location for the Children's Discovery Museum, an array of local retail stores and a revitalized waterfront.

Passing Measure N is a necessary first step in transforming this blighted property into the Marina Center. Measure N will change the land use designation - it is now zoned public which would allow a cemetery, jail or sewage plant to be placed there. If passed, the zoning would be changed to one which would allow the Marina Center development while excluding a "supercenter discount store." There are plenty of tasks ahead before this project becomes a reality, but it's a huge and necessary first step.

This is an opportunity for the silent majority who support this worthwhile project to have their voices heard !!


New Jobs -
· Over 1,200 jobs will be created
· 1,000 of these jobs will be new, not just shifted from one business to another.
· Most of these are high paying, living wage jobs

No need for future tax increases -
· Creates $2 Million in NEW tax revenues
· $1 Million of these new taxes will be added to Eureka's general fund to maintain vital public services such as police and fire protection
· Nearly $900,000 of these new taxes would boost property taxes to fund redevelopment and schools within the City

A cleaner environment -

· The Balloon Track property has been abandoned for over 30 years
· It's a contaminated urban brownfield plagued by crime and blight, which drives down property values and consumes public resources
· This property will be cleaned up, wetlands will be restored and new trails will be created for walking and biking
· It is smart growth mixed use of residential, commercial and light industrial
· It is smart growth infill of urban land to avoid suburban "sprawl"

More choices -

· For shopping, dining and entertainment
· The new, permanent home for the Discovery Museum will provide kid-friendly entertainment
· This unique new Marina Center will promote tourism and serve as a draw to nearby county residents to spend money in Eureka rather than other areas
· Residential development on the site will include affordable housing



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