Carriage Driver's Wife: 'Marty's Fine'




Marty L'Herault, the carriage driver who was injured after his horse Cinnamon was spooked by skateboarders Saturday evening, is doing fine according to family members. He was transfered to Mercy Medical in Redding Sunday as a precautionary measure, but his wife Michelle said he's doing "really well."

"Marty is fine; he's just super sore," she reported this morning. Matt L'Herault, one of Marty's four brothers, told the Journal that the decision to transfer him to Redding was made due to the nature of head trauma injuries.

UPDATE: Cinnamon's fine too -- no broken bones.

Michelle L'Herault said she expects Marty to be offering rides in Old Town again before too long. "Marty's given probably tens of thousands of rides," she said. "This one just didn't turn out so well. ... But everything's apparently going to be OK."

Here's a ride that turned out great: Marty and Cinnamon taking my wife and me around Old Town last Thursday.


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