Palling Around




Last night, some sixty odd Humboldt County residents jumped on the opportunity to follow in President Obama’s footsteps and pal around with a "terrorist."

Educator and frequent Fox News target Bill Ayres made a scheduled appearance at Arcata’s Northtown Books to give a short talk on the state of the education in America and to discuss his new collaborative comic book To Teach: The Journey, In Comics.

Outside, about twenty members of the Humboldt Tea Party Patriots carried signs protesting Ayres appearence. While most never made it in the door, a few Tea Party members sat respectfully through Ayers speech to ask some Weather Underground-related questions during the Q&A session that ended the night. Bill graciously responded.

The night was almost without incident except for the following exchange between a man (who did not appear to be affiliated with the local Tea Party chapter) that walked in just as Ayres stepped to the microphone:

Man: "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Ayres!"
Ayres: "What?"
Man: "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Ayres!"
Ayres: "I can't."

Ayres invited the man to stay, which he declined by backing out the door while flipping the bird.



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