Penis-free Pot Seshes With Randos



That's the sales pitch for, a sort of Chatroulette for weed smokers looking to get faded commune with random, anonymous weed smokers on camera. Strictly medicinal, of course. (Cough-wheeeeze.) 

The site was created three months ago by one Dan "Chill," a college dropout/Web developer from Playa Del Rey who nabbed his 215 for stomach-aches. Site rules stipulate no minors and no wieners -- or anything else indecent. Users of the randomized cyber-sesh service are tracked to the city level only, leaving them otherwise anonymous (except, presumably, for their smoke-obscured, bloodshot faces).

Mr. Chill says one of his goals is to prove that people can smoke cannabis and still be productive and successful. Just look at him.

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