Highly Dubious and Probably Borderline Illegal Electioneering Bullshit of the Day



(First in a series of 12,954.)

So when it comes time to publish its "Rotary Wheel" newsletter in the Times-Standard advertising pages, the Mad River Rotary Club apparently spotlights the good deeds of one of its members. I say "apparently," because somehow the thing has escaped my eye before today.

Well, completely coincidentally, yesterday the honor fell to one Ryan Sundberg, a member of the McKinleyville non-profit organization's board of directors. 

Click the pictures below to biggify, and stay tuned for Monday's installment! It's a doozy!

(Note to "Rotary Wheel" editors: You have a grammatical error in your second paragraph -- an increasingly common bit of illiteracy known around NCJ HQ as the "Shikuma comma.")




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