Patrick Park, Sera Cahoone & Sea Wolf - Oct. 7, 2010



So. Much. Plaid. 

The Depot was packed nearly to capacity on Thursday, Oct. 7, for three (mostly) acoustic musicians -- Patrick Park, Sera Cahoone and Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf

One disadvantage that acoustic musicians have is the audience noise. Despite most folks actually paying to get into the show, a couple of people here or there will start out whispering to their friends, and the collective whispers turn into a dull roar that's hard to ignore for the sake of the music. This show was no different. The musicians did everything they could -- they told silly stories about their songs while they tuned, they brought each other up on stage during their sets -- but the crowd murmur barely quieted down the whole night. What a shame. 

Having seen my share of shows in the HSU Depot, I do need to mention that the sound and lighting folks have done a pretty great job of dealing with the challenges of the low ceilings and boring cafeteria-style walls. It doesn't initially strike you as the best venue in town, but HSU is offering (officially 18-and-over) shows for the younger set, and making do with the space they have available, and the season only gets better from here. The Apples in Stereo are playing in there next, on Thursday, Oct. 28. You can hear their song "Dance Floor" on the music player at

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