Sac Bee: Humboldt Growers Step Up



Carpenter Kim Nelson, who grows pot at his cabin above Garberville, supports local pot taxes and oversight but says some growers express "anger and rage over getting a permit to grow marijuana."

If you missed this front-page story in Sunday's Sacramento Bee, give it a read. Reporter Peter Hecht shows how some industrious weed cultivators in Humboldt County, which he calls "America's most renowned bastion of illicit marijuana growing," are stepping up efforts to capitalize on that renown. 

As Hecht frames it, the entrepreneurial members of the Humboldt Growers Association -- along with supportive politicians like former county supervisor Bonnie Neely -- don't take kindly to the idea that we could get left behind while large-scale producers elsewhere drink our milkshake. But as we saw with Prop 19, some of the most fierce resistance may come from within their own community.

One minor clarification to the story: Hecht says District Attorney Paul Gallegos was "the only prosecutor in California to publicly endorse Prop 19," which wasn't exactly the case. (Okay, maybe "clarification" isn't quite the word.)


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