Simple Winter Song At Midnight



For the Dec. 16 North Coast Journal's poetry feature, we published "Simple Winter Song (A Winter's Solstice Carol)," whose lyrics and music were composed by Fortuna resident Steve Brackenbury. In our print edition, we ran the lyrics. In our online edition, we ran the lyrics and the sheet music.

Now we present to you a live recording of the song. Brackenbury sent us a link to the recording, with this explanation:

Last Saturday night, Easton Stuard, a prominent jazz musician in Eureka who is studying in Illinois for his doctorate, came to our home and played for a Christmas party. He played his jazz arrangement of my piece. I recorded it around midnight and it sounds like it: dark, late, iced and chilly as a cold moon; reflective light off the silver of bark...
Happy Winter Solstice...


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